Welcome to International Clean Energy Action Group, popularly known as ICEAG. Our mission is to make renewable clean energy mainstream and reduce global dependency on dirty fossil fuel.

A transition to clean energy has the power to address some of the most critical economic, social and environmental challenges facing our world. Renewable energy is ready to help speed up that transition. It is our fastest growing electricity source, but we have still just scratched the surface of our vast potential.

There is no scientific debate about the reality of climate change. Arctic sea ice and glaciers are melting. We are already seeing within the developing how climate change is leading to refugee crisis. We are already seeing increase in catastrophic floods across the world which is predicted to triple by 2030. Most millenials these days will probably never have a chance to enjoy the beauty of the great barrier reef with their grandson as 90% of the coral reefs will die by 2050.

Seriously, in this day and age, people who can afford it should just move to clean energy. There is no excuse for not doing it.

No one denies that clean energy is a good idea, but, even in a developed world it is not always easy to do the right thing. Choices some time might look limited and less informed. Our aim is to ensure that when a willing consumer is ready to take the leap from dirty energy to clean, the process should be as painless and easy as possible. To help that cause we are in the process of creating the largest directory of renewable energy businesses under one roof. Be it some thing as simple as a portable solar lamp to a hybrid solar/wind power generator. Everything under one banner ensures that the consumer never runs out of options and has enough information to make an educated decision.

Meet the team

International Clean Energy Action group is working towards making switch to clean energy easier for consumers by creating the largest database of solar (and other renewable) energy providers and installers.


IceAID is an international charity based in UK. There are about 1060 million people across the developing word who has no access to electricity in any form be it clean or fossil based. Working closely with out partner organisations in India and Africa we are distributing Solar lamps and other portable solar powered appliances to help people out of energy poverty and make a world a little bit greener at the same time.


At ICEAG we are committed to change and change can only happen when likeminded individuals gets together, unites and commits to that change. To work together towards that goal we organise conferences, round tables and fundraisers across different parts of the world.

First international summit is now due in London, UK – March 2019